A short porn (that I never finished)

Short Stories

Disclaimer :

Before you read on , this piece is dedicated to one of my friend. I had adopted quite a number of inside jokes and quotes from him , so it wouldn’t be a surprise if one wonders why random things pop up.

Re-reading and posting leaves nothing but a silent sigh.


His hands slowly guided his way to the sweet nectar of love , accompanied with a light , suppressed sigh from her. He put his arm around her and started to caress her breast and gently twisting her nipples.

“No… Don’t do this to me…”

As if desperately proving that she is not a whore , she pushed her body away from him but one hand trying to feel his bump from his flannel red checked pajamas.

“Wow this is so BIG.” She almost screamed out of amusement, potentially waking half of his nerdy , sexless flat mates.

“Do you like it?” He looked at her in the eyes and smiled like a really nice gentleman. “We can just sleep and you know I respect everyone’s choice.”

“Well…” Her eyes blinked with disappointment and her trembling lips crying out for more silently. “I think… it’s better for us… well… not to do it.” She turned her back and looked at the white wall in silence.

The phone next to the bed blinked vigorously , probably Amy , Shirley or whomever that was flirting with him. He knew he should not pick up his phone to check as one of his friend who always manages to peek through the contact list and asked him the relationship of each girl. The truth still lies in : The more you know , the less you like about him.

A shrieking noise tore the moment of silent , along with constant wheel rotating sound above the top of the shelf.

“What do you have in there?” She asked.

“….” He whispered and trying to get through the conversation.

“What?” She demanded once more to get her answer.

“It’s a hamster.” He looked a bit embarrassed and cursed at the one who suggested him to get a hamster in the first place.

“Oh! Hamster! I love hamster!” All of a sudden , she turned into like a Japanese girl in porn movie , shaking her tail with the irresistible cute face.

“Well my friend is a genius. “Hamster-at-my-place-Fuck-me” t shirt is nothing but the best chick catcher.” He thought.

“Me too. They are just adorable as you are.” pinching her little nose.

She leaned her body closer to him and her buttocks stuck tightly to his dick. Shaking her butt up and down and pushed her lower body in a humping position.

(Feb 2014)