Confession of A Political Science Student


Yes I am a Political Science student. No I do not know who should be the next president
– Confession of a Poli Sci student

Normally there are two types of people when asked upon my major, one that questions my future career and also the one who starts to give me their political opinion where I would sit there and nob my head. While I was frustrated by the same questions on whether I will turn into a banana throwing politician or not, I would try to convince them that we, political students, are able to think big in the smallest thing and are suitable in every position with great use of tongue to debate.

However with the increasing exposure on Taiwan’s anti trade in service pact with China and the controversial topic on Occupy Central, people started to question in details on our action. Here I would like to do a little confession : most of us (or just me) are not fanatic about politics and won’t go on a street protesting every minute. Although I can quote John Rawls and Socrates on the justification on civil disobedience and pulling some examples of Tunisian revolution to impress you, but we are nothing more than that.

Political Science is often regarded as the resort for students who fails to get into law school or as my Italian acquaintance put “In my country , those who cannot get into any major, choose Political Science as their studies.” I could not agree the statement more and it inspires me to create a list of reasons why you shouldn’t choose Political Science as your major.

A really short list of not studying Political Science :

1. It is not a Bachelor of business administration (BBA)
In other words, you will not be successful or rich or do anything in your life. In every gatherings, you will be obligated to listen to your mum complains to your relatives because you didn’t choose the right path. You will also be watching your friends getting into international bank and becoming auditor/accountant and work from 6am -12am while you are eating cereals on your couch.

2. You are not going to  be a politician after you graduated
A quick check from Wikipedia shows that Priscilla Leung Mei Fun came from law school. Wong kwok Hin came from trading business background and Christopher Chung… I don’t even understand how he got elected in the first place.
Oh you are not pro-Beijing? So how are you suppose to be a politician?

3. Your voice and action do not bring justice or peace
Running down the street with a banner and participating a few demonstrations could change Hong Kong into a better place would be nothing but a tale. To make Hong Kong a nicer place and more tourist friendly, no fuss – accept what China give you and be content with it. Go to work , stay out of trouble , have respect to the one above you and no opposition.

4. You memorized the Lincoln quote by heart and thought you can achieve democracy in HK
but you cannot even practice that in your university.
The experiences of getting phone call from the school for a small talk, getting your poster torn down have already given some insight.

So if you are thinking to be a poli sci student , think again. You are probably not going to achieve something we are striking for years (we do hope you can!) but you will have your own stance and opinion.